After you have completed a verified PDC course and you want to extend your studies and further develop your design and practical skills within permaculture, you can apply for a Diploma in (Applied) PermacultureDesign with the Nordic Permaculture Academy (NPA).

This is done through a process which will take you a minimum of 2 years after registering with the NPA of either independent work, or through a supported route of designing and documenting a Diploma Portfolio of relevant Design work and Activities. This process is based on self-managed planning, work and learning.

The Diploma Portfolio should demonstrate that you have developed into a proficient permaculture designer and that you have a thorough understanding of the Permaculture ethics and design principles. You also have to show proficiency in using different design tools and methods and a variety of design frameworks. A list of relevant Activities which show how you have implemented permaculture in your life and work should also be included in your Diploma Portfolio.

After your work has been approved and you have delivered your final Diploma Presentation, you will be awarded a Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design which will be registered (both) with the Nordic Permaculture Academy and your National Permaculture Association. 

Why would I need a Diploma?

The Diploma is awarded to people who have done extensive work within the Permaculture movement and as a Diploma holder with the NPA, you will be able to:

  • conduct professional design consultancy with intent to spread Permaculture
  • arrange and provide quality assured PDC courses on your own
  • be an active agent, promoting Permaculture in your everyday life

The Permaculture Diploma is awarded to individuals, not places or projects.