Design Criteria

In order for the Nordic Permaculture Academy to be able to assess your Design work, you will submit 10 individual designs related to your personal diploma pathway. Your design work will include a variety of media (eg. visuals, text, audio, video…)..

Each design will include:

  1. Design brief (name of design, context, aims & objectives)
  2. Integration of ethics in each design and overall work
  3. The category/categories that inspired each design (land design, education, media & communication etc.)
  4. Design framework used (SADIM, OBREDIMET, Looby’s Design web etc)
  5. Relevant design principles used
  6. Cost and time of implementation.
  7. Evaluation and tweaks of the design.
  8. Documentation of your reflexive process, describing your learning development through the design.

Your mentor uses a standard form with these different areas of the design to assess the appropriateness and readiness of the design. You can use it for self-assessment as well. The form will be shared with you at the introduction meeting.