Fees & Costs

Diploma Costs

Joining the Diploma program at the Nordic Permaculture Academy involves receiving tutorial support and your work being assessed by a qualified mentor.

All tutoring fees are paid directly by the apprentice to the mentor, as and when you receive tutorials and assessments. Your chosen mentor will typically provide all of your tutorials including your introduction session, personal tutorials, design support tutorials and assessment of your designs. If you decide to change mentor, you will pay directly to this new mentor.

Assessment by your final portfolio is carried out by a second mentor, who you pay to directly for his/her time.

When starting your path towards the Diploma, you are charged 600 DKK as a Registration fee. After that, hourly rates are paid to your mentor when you work together.

ActivityFee SEKFee DKKNote
Standard hourly rate5004001 hr per Jan 1st 2024
Registration fee600All registration fees are paid in Danish DKK.
Introduction event10008002 hrs
Individual Design Assessment(design 1-10)hourly ratehourly rateApp. 1-2 hrs per design incl. written feedback
Halfway Portfolio Assessment, summary (design 1-5)hourly ratehourly rateApp. 2 hrs incl. feedback on onward work process
Final Portfolio Assessment, (design 5-10)hourly ratehourly rateApp. 2 hrs incl. feedback on final presentation
External Portfolio Assessment, by second mentor (design 1-10)hourly ratehourly rateApp. 5 hrs incl. feedback
Final Presentation Event100010002,5 hrs

We highly recommend personal tutorials during your Diploma pathway, albeit these are not mandatory. If you are already registered at the NPA, design support tutorials can be with any mentor from the Academy. You can find all mentors here.

Travel costs

You are responsible for all tutorial travel costs, (i.e. Introduction event, Personal Tutorials, Design Support Tutorial, Interim Portfolio Assessment, Assessment tutorials). The cheapest option is usually for you to travel to your mentor’s chosen venue, however you may arrange with your mentor to travel to you. In the case of your mentor making the journey you are responsible for travel time and costs incurred by your mentor(s). By agreement beforehand of course. You are required to arrange this directly with your mentor and pay any costs for travel time and expenses directly to them. Some mentors are happy to conduct the Personal Tutorials by phone, or virtual software to help reduce costs.

You may also arrange tutorials at the annual Diploma Gathering or other events. The Gathering will be an opportunity to have a tutorial with a wider selection of mentors, whilst not incurring additional mentor travel costs.

Bear in mind, that it is highly preferable for your mentor to visit the physical design location(s) at least once during your Diploma work.

Annual activities

Each year, mentors at the Academy organize Diploma Gatherings and meetings for apprentices and mentors to:

  • Connect with other apprentices and mentors
  • Form working, interest groups and guilds to assist you in your work
  • Share experiences and design work
  • Develop the Diploma pathway

Participation fees are paid when registering for each event and are not included in the above-mentioned essential costs.

Monthly activity

Every month on the 7th we will host an online gathering at 7 pm CET. The aim is for diploma apprentices to connect, build network, find a diploma guild and ask questions about designs or the diploma pathway. Just show up as you are.

Fee guarantee

The Nordic Permaculture Academy guarantees to keep all fees fixed for a period of one year. There will be an annual review of the fees, and changes to the fees will be implemented from January 1st every year.