Mentors at Nordic Permaculture Academy

As a diploma apprentice at the NPA, you choose a personal mentor from the list below.

All mentors are highly qualified facilitators and Permaculture diploma holders. They all have many years of Permaculture practice.

We’re all looking forward to follow you in your diploma process.

Cathrine Dolleris (Denmark), Permaculture Diplomat and Assessment Tutor (in the British diplomasystem), since 2014. PDC educator and facilitator of international Teachers Trainings for Permaculture. International coordinator for education, Erasmus+ and the LAND network thorugh Permakultur Danmark. M.Sc. in Geography. Owner of GeoLiv og LAND center “Kattekærhus” på Orø.

Andreas Jonsson

Andreas Jonsson (Sweden), Permaculture Designer, educator, diploma holder and mentor. Facilitating diploma apprentices since 2018. A Human Ecologist in soul, soil lover by heart, and a low-tech DIY proponent by hand. Sociocracy trainer & consultant, and Educative Systems Designer by heart. Regenerative Farmer and Alley Cropping Communal Grower at home with his family and network in Vånga, Sweden. “Give me any system and you got my attention“.

Karoline Nolsø Aaen (Danmark), Permakultur Designer and diploma holder since 2017. Biologist, facilitator, lecturer and educator. Self-sufficient Regenerative Agroforestry Farmer, and author of Permakulturhaven og Mad med Flerårige Grøntsager. Diploma mentor since 2019. Owner of Permakulturhaven og co-owner of the LAND center “Permakulturhaven Myrrhis” together with her husband Tycho Holcomb.