Becoming a Mentor

In order to be a Diploma Mentor at the Nordic Permaculture Academy, you must:

  • Have been awarded the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design  
  • Agree to the current Diploma system at the NPA
  • Agree to the terms listed in the “Being a Mentor at the NPA”
  • Attend an initial Mentor training and/or assessment training.
  • Agree to be an active Mentor by providing personal tutorials and design assessments
  • Agree to participate and share experiences during Mentor meetings and Diploma gatherings.
  • Have an online profile on your own website and/or the NPA website enlisting your qualifications and experiences as a Mentor. 
  • The new member consents to learn and implement Sociocracy in order to reach the overall Vision, Mission and Aims of NPA.
  • In order to become a member all Mentors will consent to the person joining, by Sociocratic routine (in relation to NPAs Needs & Vision, Mission and Aims). 
  • In order to actually be excluded from NPA, the Mentors follow the Sociocratc routine.