About NPA

The Nordic Permaculture Academy is promoting skilled Permaculture Designers through mentoring and accreditation in Applied Permaculture Design.

The Nordic Permaculture Academy is run sociocratically.

Vision, Mission and Aims of NPA 2022-2023

(Reviewed and decided 2022-08)

  • Vision – (The future we see)
    • A regenerative world where everyone can live by Permaculture Ethics.

  • Mission – (Our part in achieving this vision)
    • To develop and maintain a Nordic Diploma System
    • To support our apprenticesĀ  work
    • To support a network of Nordic Diploma Apprentices and Diploma holders

  • Aims and Goals
    • Mentoring of apprentices
      • Diploma intro sessions
      • Sociocracy course during 2022
      • Assessing designs
    • Setting up apprentice structure on web
      • Collecting info and publishing
    • Training of mentors
      • Mentors assess designs together
      • Designing our mentoring pathways
      • Meeting November 18-20th
    • Host two Diploma Gatherings yearly
      • Denmark autumn
      • Sweden spring
    • Host monthly meetings
      • 7th @ 7 pm