The Diploma Process

What do I need to do?

(More information will be given at the first Introduction meeting, once you register as a Diploma Apprentice.)

  1. Register – After verification of your PDC certificate, you need to register as a Diploma Apprentice with the NPA and pay a registration fee. For more on prices see Fees & Costs.
  2. Choose a Diploma mentor – Available mentors, their working areas and domains are listed at the NPA mentors. The mentor will set up a first meeting, giving you a more detailed introduction to the Diploma process, and the different routes available. 
  3. Define your Diploma Route – supported or independent. If you choose a supported route, you will make a learning agreement with your Diploma mentor. If you choose an independent route, you are expected to work independently until your Diploma portfolio is ready to be assessed. You will then notify your mentor.
  4. Design your Diploma Pathway – Make a plan or design for how you will attain a Diploma – Your Diploma Pathway.  If you have chosen a supported route, your mentor will guide you. If you choose an independent route, you will still have to show your Diploma Pathway integrated into your Diploma portfolio. 
  5. Work with your Designs You will decide within which category or categories your design work will be done, chosen from the Design Categories listed. 10 designs are required and the criteria for each design is presented under Design criteria.
  6. Assessment by mentor – Your first mentor will assess your work to determine when your Design Portfolio is ready to be assessed by a second mentor. This is done to ensure quality, both in your work and in the work of the first mentor. When both mentors have approved your Diploma Portfolio you are ready to present your work. 
  7. Presentation of Diploma Portfolio – After approved assessment, you will present your Diploma Portfolio. This is a Celebration event, not a test.
  8. Accreditation – Your Diploma will be registered at the National Association of your country, and your work will be published on the Nordic Permaculture Academy website.